Monday, November 12, 2012

A Message of Wisdom and Hope for a New World

Introduction to a New World

Avalon Publishing is delighted to introduce: The Fiona Series. This exciting new book series will consist of 7 books, channeled by Fiona. Also known as Sophia and Brigid, she is an embodiment of the Divine Feminine and Cosmic Wisdom. She shares with us an ancient and Universal wisdom, healing and guidance through reminding us of our connection to Nature, the Universe and our True Self. I feel blessed and grateful that I may share Fiona's message, light and love with the world. Thank you for taking the time to connect :)

“Greetings dear friends. My name is Fiona and I reach out to you from the magical Isle of Avalon. I am excited and grateful that I may bring this message of hope, healing and wholeness to you through my companion Tim, who has agreed to be the channel through which I may speak to your hearts. It is my deepest hope that I may assist you beautiful beings, children of Gaia, in your current transformational process. As you are entering a new era of awareness, union and bliss, I would like to extend my support and guidance to you. As you are going through a huge shift in consciousness and you experience the upheaval that comes with it, I am a gentle reminder that there is a tremendous amount of help and healing for you, for all of you. I can, if you choose to listen, speak to your inner being. I will whisper to you that you have all the answers and capacities available within you. I will reassure you that you are in the hands and the hearts of the Masters of Planet Earth, that there is only love and light coming to you from the Great Cosmos. All you need to do is accept it. I am here to help you on this path: the path of acceptance of Self. For the very light that you may receive from the Heavens is already inside you. Blessings to All.  – Fiona.”

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In this blog we'd like to share parts of the channelings of book 1.
Blessings to all.

"Even though I mention many subjects, I always talk about one thing, and one thing only. This entire book series is about you. These books are written for you personally, every single and unique reader. The books hold much more than meets the eye. They are written for the heart in the first place, and for the mind in the second place. The words that you read are understood better by the heart than by your human mind. And every reader will pick up different aspects of Truth. So the books will have a different effect on everybody. But the message and the result are the same: come home. That home is You." - Introduction

"Let me start from the beginning. Or better: a beginning, because the Universal Collective operates in a circular way. It has no beginning or end. Everything that exists, All That Is, is part of the Ultimate Divine Consciousness, which stands outside of time as you know it on planet Earth. All That Is exists in an eternal now-moment, a continuous present that evolves in a way that is best described as a spiral. But a spiral without a beginning or an end. Time is simply how the Divine Consciousness wishes to express itself. It is how Spirit chooses to manifest, in each new instant, out of the Infinite Potential of the Divine Consciousness. This means that everything changes continuously, nothing is ever the same." - Chapter 1
"People will be free to colour their practice as they choose. People will be free to create their own belief system. But people, for the first time since long, will be properly educated. So their choices will be based on intelligent information. It is the task of the new religion to create a platform for people to re-member, to find their own wisdom, to find their own truth. And there is only one truth: the Ultimate Truth, That What Is. All other truths are ways to the Ultimate Truth. And each path is as valid and acceptable as any other to find God. Everybody and everything carries within its own essence the Ultimate Truth." - Chapter 2
"A healthy balance between traditional and modern thinking and ways of life is required for the New Age. Ask yourself: how can we improve our life on a fundamental level? Think about education, about medicine and healing, about relationships and society-building. And then look at the more traditional cultures. See how they do it. You will be surprised to find that they have a deep understanding of how the Universe and our planet work. And not to forget: how we work. An open mind is required. An open mind toward the traditional cultures and the modern ones. Do not favour one over the other. Do not judge any. Favour reason and judge stupidity. You can find logic and the absence of it everywhere. Do not perceive either system of thought and lifestyle from a personal perspective. Try to be objective, so you may filter out that which is most useful. Useful for as many people as possible, and for the environment. This is perhaps the greatest lesson that traditional people can teach you. We are all one, what one does affects everybody and everything. Most technological reasoning is based on the opposite of this truth: the illusion of separateness. Do not forget the ancient wisdom and do not forget what modern science and philosophy have discovered. Together they will form the new paradigm for a united human culture." - Chapter 3

"Spend as much time in Nature as you possibly can. Sit under a tree, lie on the grass, hike in the mountains, swim in the ocean. Look at the clouds, smell the flowers and breathe in the fresh air. Just by connecting to the elements, you will receive guidance and support. Nature always guides and supports all of her children, of which you are one. But humans do not always see, hear, feel and know this. But when you consciously connect to Nature, you activate a most original and natural intuitive aspect of yourself, and energy, consciousness and information can be exchanged easily and freely. In this exchange you can be taught, healed and loved. So get out there, go and reclaim your bond with Gaia, your connection with Nature and your true inner self." - Chapter 4
"Trees are very patient. Patience comes with understanding, it is a by-product of wisdom. Trees are infinitely wise. They always make the right choices and the right decisions. Not that you can ever make a wrong choice, in the literal sense of the word, but trees have mastered the art of harmony. Trees always choose and decide based on the good for all. They act only with the best for the most in mind, or should I say heart. For it is in the heart that this kind of wisdom lies. A tree knows how it can harmonize the world, on any scale, to the extent that its actions will ripple throughout the fabric of space and time and bring balance and harmony to all beings and life forms. A rare gift indeed. One that deserves respect and honouring." - Chapter 5
"Plants and flowers are magical beings. They live in a magical world of brilliant colours, geometry and beings. To humans they appear quite non-conscious and third dimensional. But plants and flowers are consciously multi-dimensional. They live and operate on many levels of existence and they weave their beautiful energy patterns throughout many planes of time and space. The elementals, the elves and the gnomes and such, love plants and flowers. They spend a lot of time caring for them and just being with them, because they can feel the healing and nurturing qualities of the energy patterns woven by plants and flowers." - Chapter 6 

"Crystals are extraordinary beings. Many people know the many benefits of crystals, either by reading about them, by using them, or both. The benefits and support the crystals offer cannot be overstated. They deserve all the respect, gratitude and attention in the world. Especially attention. Humanity has not learned yet how to attentively work with them. When you put some in your house or garden, or you wear one, they will have some effect surely. But they can do so much more. Or should I say: you can do so much more, together. The time has come for people to start working together with crystals properly. I will teach you how." - Chapter 7

"So much pain, worry and fear exists in people’s lives needlessly. How often do you suffer needlessly? How often do you worry about something that afterwards proves to be untrue? How often have you experienced pain and fear in expectation of something that never happened? You even feel bad about what you believe others are thinking of you, even though you cannot see into other people’s mind. The level of acceptance that animals enjoy is a real blessing, it is a great relief. It is true that animals have emotions, they experience sadness sometimes, they have hopes and fears, they mourn. But in almost all cases their experience is based on a factual event, a reality. They have reason to feel the way they do. Animals do not imagine a reality that is not there. They are in tune with what is. And they accept what is." - Chapter 8 
"So what is the difference between knowing and Knowing? Knowing differs from knowing because Knowing is in the heart, whereas knowing happens in the mind. Pay attention: Knowing isin the heart, and knowing happens in the mind. When you Know you are not thinking. You are in the Knowing. In order to know, you must think. When you think, you step out of the heart and into the mind. To Know, all that is required is to stay in the heart." - Chapter 9

"Humans are destined to become a central point, a focus point around which all beings of planet Earth exist and evolve. This is a very unique position that requires wisdom, love and understanding. It is a position of great responsibility. The only way to do this is by living and operating as one. This is paramount. Humanity as one consciousness. Not a humanity consisting of many different human beings who believe themselves to be a separate form of consciousness. In time, every human being will come to know what this means. Everybody will need to discover this, through direct experience. Through direct experience of Self. And through recognition. Through recognition of Self in others." - Chapter 10

"Glastonbury is a timeless place. It is a place that lives, as seen from the perspective of the rest of the world, both in the past and in the future. This town and the collective consciousness of all its inhabitants, seen and unseen, have kept many traditions and much wisdom of old, while at the same time already holding the blueprint of the future world reality. You see, the future will be much like the past. Your experience of time will alter as consciousness shifts. It will feel like you have entered a state of timelessness. And this is one peculiar characteristic of Avalon: it is like a bubble of timelessness, a place where the old and the new coexist, a place where ancient wisdom and modern thinking go hand in hand."

"And Glastonbury, the heart centre of the planet, is a real blessing to the world. The frequencies which are produced by this energy and interdimensional centre are, in a way, Gaia’s life force. It is only a small place, in relation to the size of the planet, but the vibration is very special and provides life for the entire planetary structure. This is something few people know about, but also this knowledge will be made available in due time. Very soon, the mists of Avalon will rise out of the waters of ignorance and reveal its ancient Cosmic mysteries to the whole world. The mists of Avalon which have kept its Light secret are about to be lifted, so that Gaia may bring all of her children into her heart once again."